Current year 2018 is being a great and very important season for MAFA Vegetal Ecobiology, due to we are seeing how the efforts and time invested in research and development is bringing excellent results.

Thanks to our agricultural engineers team and technical laboratory staff, added to the different test made into our particular crops to optimize any new formulation, we have developed new successful compounds in several categories.

That is the case of our new product placed into BIOSTIMULANTS section, a complex calcium-calcium acetate solution – which we have called FortaCell

Fortacell is a fertilizer based on calcium acetate with Boron and Amino Acids

It is a fertilizer that provides a dose of Calcium irreplaceable by other essential elements.

With the action of this element the organic compounds and the mineral salts are retained by the membranes in the most convenient way

It is also fundamental for the development of the roots, in which it has a triple function:

  1. Cell multiplication
  2. Cell growth
  3. Neutralization of hydrogenations

roots development

It contains Boron, which is very important since it is essential to mobilize the hydrocarbon reserves of the leafs towards the flowering points. This type of complex is able to traverse semipermeable cell membranes and where such a micro-nutrient is not present into the cells, sugars are immobilized in the plant.

Boron contribution comes from the boron-ethanolamine complex which gives to the compound a greater solubility.

It is a product that can be used both in foliar applications and in fertigation, also suitable for organic farming

Sello SHC Insumos para la agricultura ecológica.


It is especially recommended for:

  • Fruit trees of bone and nugget
  • Citrus
  • Vineyards and table grape
  • Horticultural

To know more details regarding recommended dosage and working parameters, you can get all the technical information in its Technical Data Sheet just clicking here

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What is Biotechnology? Definition and its application

Nowadays, biotechnology concept is an increasingly popular term due to it is a scientific field with multiple applications in different sectors.

Benefits and uses resulting from the research are found daily in the markets in the form of improved harvests, in pharmaceutical industry and in the fight against climate change among other varied utilities.


If we stick to the internationally accepted definition:

Biotechnology refers to any technological application that uses biological systems and living organisms or their derivatives for the creation or modification of products or processes for specific uses (Convention on Biological Diversity, Article 2. Use of Terms, United Nations, 1992).

Biotechnology is understood as a multidisciplinary area by employing both biology, chemistry together with various processes to provide different uses in areas such as agriculture, pharmacy, food science and health.

Thanks to this and the result of research we get healthier foods, improved medicines, more resistant or less polluting materials, more productive crops, renewable energy sources and even systems to eliminate pollution are obtained.

In other words, biotechnology consists precisely in the use of the biological machinery for the benefit of the human being. Possibly, the first person who has evidence in using this term was the agricultural engineer Karl Ereky of Hungarian nationality, in 1917.


There are multiple applications for this area of science but the main ones are:

  • Agricultural: for the development of crops and improvement of crops and food, resistance to pests and diseases.
  • Environmental: with applications for biofeedback, resistance to contamination, conservation of species.
  • Biosanitary: for the obtaining of drugs, genetic therapies, obtaining vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and cellular therapies are some examples.
  • Industrial processes: for cosmetics, food, chemical substances, fuels.


Biotechnology can be classified into different types according to its applications:

  • Red biotechnology: that refers to the use of bio-organisms in medicine, such as the creation of antibiotics, the cultivation of bacteria ..
  • White biotechnology: also known as industrial biotechnology, since it is applied to industrial processes.
  • Green biotechnology: that applied to agricultural processes, for example, obtaining solutions to control diseases and improve crops.
  • Blue biotechnology: in charge of biotechnological processes related to the sea.
  • Gray biotechnology: focused exclusively on finding solutions to environmental problems such as climate change.


The research that is carried out in the biotechnological area of crops, focuses on the study of nature and the perfect balance that each plant, microorganism or insects.

Biotechnology applied to agriculture is a tool that uses living organisms or substances obtained from these organisms to create or modify a product for practical purposes.

Through biotechnology applied to agriculture, biopesticides are obtained based on biological origin, where organisms or substances are synthesized. With a high degree of effectiveness, they only attack pests and do not affect other organisms that are beneficial or the fruits of crops.

In the case of biofertilizers, are products made from a biological process with the aim of providing nutrients to crops without altering natural conditions and maintaining a natural microbiological environment.

This is the premise of the whole catalog of MAFA Vegetal Ecobiology. We work with the objective of helping farmers, take care of the health of the field and make crops more profitable and healthy.

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AMINON WSP and BALANCE have achieved OMRI certification as Organic Material Raw

MAFA BIOSCIENCE’s products, AMINON WSP and BALANCE are within OMRI Listed® stamp, the most important input certificate in America for professionals in the organic industry.

Certificado Aminon WSP 

AMINON WSP, is one of the latest references added to the MAFA Vegetal Ecobiology catalog. This new product framed within the category of Amino Acids, offers a guaranteed richness of 80% free amino acids.

Ficha técnica AMINON WSP

BALANCE, reference belonging to our line of Biostimulants is a blooming biopromoter that has a stimulating action and favors especially flowering.

Certificado Balance Omri

OMRI offers an independent review, certifying the products as suitable to be used in crops of organic production and organic processing.

The OMRI standards are based on the National Organic Program (NOP) and on the regulation of the Canadian Organic Regime (COR)

Thanks to certifiers such as OMRI, farmers and end consumers can easily and safely choose those references suitable for organic farming.

OMRI focuses exclusively on inputs, thus providing the essential knowledge to support the organic certification process.

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MAFA Vegetal Ecobiology inaugurates new facilities in Granada

MAFA Vegetal Ecobiology, company located in the agrochemicals sector since 1969 is focused on the search for innovative agricultural solutions for plant protection and it has not stopped growing since its birth.

Quality products, zero residue references and the development of Organic Certified compounds at a European level, such as SHC and CAAE, guide our efforts.

As a result of the effort to obtain quality products with zero waste and the development of references with Organic Certification at a European level, such as SHC and CAAE, it has made a wide network of distributors trust us from different parts of the world, already present in more than 10 countries.

MAFA certificada por SHC como proveedor de agricultura ecológica
Sello SHC Insumos para la agricultura ecológica.
Sello CAAE. empresa certificadores de insumos para la agricultura ecoológica
Sello CAAE insumos para la producción ecológica.

In February 2018, MAFA Vegetal Ecobiology inaugurates new facilities in the Metropolitan Park of Escúzar in Granada, with more than 10,000 square meters available and with the most modern technology available in the productive area, logistics and R+D+i.

The new location of MAFA is placed just 10 minutes from the Granada airport and 30 minutes from the port of Motril. This new industrial park has an area of 4 million m2 and is perfectly connected to the main arteries of the province.

It is also a sustainable space, since it has developed a solar photovoltaic project of 4.6 Mw, which allows self-consumption of the energy produced and injected into the grid and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 8,600 tons / year.

This policy of respect for the environment matchs perfectly with the brand values of MAFA.

The growing concern about the quality and food safety that is demanded from producers in agricultural markets, leads us to design effective and sustainable products.

Our vision is to become a company capable of implementing agriculture that is more respectful of the environment and fully achieve sustainable agricultural development while conserving natural resources.

We are in Avenida de Incar, 30, in Escúzar, Granada. If you are interested in distributing our products, come and see us! We will wait for you 😀



The importance of Ecological Certifications and Zero Waste Products is becoming increasingly relevant and interesting both in the final consumer and companies.

Concretely in Europe, the organic sector is developing speedily. On average over the past decade, the area of organic farmland in the EU increased by half a million hectares, and it is happening every year. There are now over 186.000 farms cultivating organic farmland across the EU.

Also has been increased the consumption of organic products, which has experienced a notable rise in recent years, given the growing awareness of consumers, who demand products of the highest quality obtained under production systems that respect the environment.

Ecological Production is a set of agricultural techniques that exclude the use, in agriculture and livestock, of certain synthetic chemicals in order to conserve the environment, maintain or increase soil fertility and provide food with all its natural properties . In addition to promoting rural and environmental development, it is possible to offer healthy food to the final consumer.

In Ecological Production, only fertilizers, soil conditioners and nutrients included in the regulations established in this regard at European level are used, and the exclusion of certain active substances is analyzed by the certifying bodies before granting the corresponding certification seals.

Farmer and other intermediary companies, have a great confusion when using fertilizers or phytosanitary regarding the type of products and allowed to meet the requirements of Organic Certifications. That is the reason why, bodies as CAAE and SHC between other Brand Certification of Supplies, are key for manufacturers to choose among the available supplies in the market.

To ensure the consumer confidence, companies such as MAFA Vegetal Ecobiology, works to meet these quality standards. Proof of that is the different seals of ecological certification into European level we have as:


  • CAAE → INPUTS FOR ECOLOGICAL PRODUCTION (European Standard -Reg (CE) 834/2007)

Both certification seals are based on the European Regulations that establish the requirements to be met for agricultural production based on the respect of natural cycles, maintenance of biodiversity, obtaining agricultural products without the use of chemical synthesis products.


Sello SHC Insumos para la agricultura ecológica.


Sello CAAE insumos para la producción ecológica.

MAFA Vegetal Ecobiology attends GROWTECH EUROASIA 2017 exhibition in Turkey

GROWTECH EUROASIA, is an international horticultural exhibition held in Antalya, Turkey from 29 November to 02 December. An event more than justified in this country thanks to the remarkable data that the agricultural sector represents on it.



In 2017 edition, more then 85.000 visitors have been provided  in an exhibition area of 50,000 sqm splited into three subsectors: greenhouses and irrigation, seeds and fertilizers where, this last section, MAFA Vegetal Ecobiology has launched its last products regarding Bio Insecticides, highlighting the references regarding:

  • Biocarb. Potassium solution mixed with biologically active organic acids.
  • Citromazinc. Citrus extract with coadjuvant action enriched in Mn and Zn.
  • Indumax. Auto-defense inductor.
  • & Mafacopper our Copper supplier, between other references .. 

MAFA has attended this fair together with more than 800 agricultural companies and brands from over 30 countries. In  terms of the visitors’ place of origin, MAFA has received visitors from Greece, Egypt, Jordan and Romania.. due to this trade show is the largest agriculture fair in Eurasia and Turkey.

Especially relevant was the interest shown by the public for the zero waste references together with ecological fertilizers. On that point, MAFA was able to support it thanks to our products with European Ecological Certifications: SHC  y CAAE 


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